Is Stress really that bad for you?


What I have to say may shock you or surprise others.

We need stress. It is ESSENTIAL.

Stress makes us follow through, meet deadlines and get things done that we would otherwise avoid.

Physical stress done the right way, means our body will build up stronger afterwards.

Emotional / Mental stress can help us develop emotional-fitness and the ability to be with, handle and focus our emotions throughout our lives.

Short term stress can literally help bring out the best in ourselves.

However, too much stress can be really bad. Or adding stress to a person and their nervous system when they are already tense can be harmful.

So I believe our goal, on our path to health, wellbeing and fulfilment, must include dealing with accumulated stress AND building in strategies to take on more.

I think and I see lots of people who are struggling to deal with stress well and in extreme cases may take some form of medication to help them deal with it. Whilst the medications may really help in the short term, many have known harmful side-effects which I’m sure we all want to avoid.

 So in dealing with accumulated stress and to help us take on more, I personally use a few tactics:

  1. Use a journal to write down what is concerning you and what you’re grateful for. It is so simple and a great scientifically supported way to improve your happiness

  2. Exercise regularly

  3. Eat Sensibly (this one I have to work at the most!)

  4. Meditate

  5. Do some SRI – if you’re new to Thrive we have all the exercise videos here free of charge:

  6. I get regular NSA care to both help me deal with accumulated stress and turn that into fuel to push me forward.

We all admire people who can overcome obstacles, stress and impossible seeming situations and turn them into victories. Some psychologists describe this as the most desired and admired human attribute.

To develop it we must allow ourselves to dream and to stretch into boldness. We must reach deep into the pit of ourselves and go beyond the voices of doubt and fear and find that childlike wondrous desire to be more.

Out of that place comes the internal fire to go and live life on our terms both for ourselves and for those we care about. Add enough energy and commitment and you have the surest path to far more than you can dream of.

To you and your stress bringing the best out of you,