Why I don't take my health seriously

It seems like we all know someone who eats all their food out of a blender, having done their 5th gym class of the week! I know that I can be guilty as charged of this.

And yet, as amazing as exercise, nutrition, yoga, Pilates, mindfulness, mediation etc etc etc are, if they are not making you enjoy life more, something is off. If you don’t feel that your life can or is progressing and improving, I think something is off.

Did you know that one in 10 men who use gyms are now thought to have ‘Bigorexia’ ( basically never feeling buff or big enough). This can lead to depression and even suicide!

Back in 2005 scientists showed that “thin people are more likely to commit suicide that their fat counterparts”.

The point is that obsessing about your physical health – e.g. exercise, nutrition and even yoga and meditation can make you less well.

The way we explain that at Thrive is that food and exercise are responsible for SURVIVAL and certainty. If this is your focus, you will get a life that is organised around thi; a life of survival. You may hear them say “I’ve got to go for my run or my spinning class…” as if to not to do it will have a severe consequence.

So people who are very focussed on physical health are literally in a type of survival mode, if they are not also focussed on other things.

For example you could also be focused on :

  • Your emotional wellbeing – which tends to have us observe how we react

  • Your mental wellbeing – about how we think and give meaning and optimise

  • Your spiritual wellbeing – your relationship to a creative force / the universe / whatever reminds you that you’re a part of something bigger

My point in all this is that your self-care and health care, I believe, should make you enjoy life more. Sure at times we have to feel and deal and face things that are very uncomfortable. And the ability to do that and go beyond is one of the characteristics we all admire the most in others. And building this ability stretches us and can make us feel uncomfortable!

As such I aim to take my health Joyously. Some of you noticed that I had a cup of Starbucks last week rather than my usual hemp and cacao super food drink. (and I loved it by the way).

The way I set my health up, that adds to my life enjoyment as part of a personalised way of living. That includes exercise, eating things I can’t pronounce and many other things. AND I make my focus of my health listening to my soul. That means I have a baseline of ‘good things’ I do and the flexibility to decide that my wife and kids are more important, or catching up with a friend needs my attention… or doing more push ups :o) and sometimes having that Mocha :o)

If what we are doing for our health is not making us feel BOTH a sense of progress and more joyous, my belief is that something is off.

I believe that health care, self care and life is fundamentally a joyous process, and that focusing on and building our lives around this helps us to face and feel and deal with the most challenging situations.

To you, taking your health Joyously :o)