But I want my old life back...

We all feel like this sometimes. When we’re in pain, having health challenges or under stress. If only we could go back to how things were before.

The challenge with this is twofold:

1.     We don’t have a time machine (unless someone does and they’re not telling me)

2.     The life before is part of what lead us into the challenge – the way we used our bodies, our emotions, our thoughts and ultimately how purposeful we were

When we lived until we were 30 or 40, this idea of ‘going back’ to how things were, or just getting rid of symptoms was very worthwhile.

AND in extreme cases, getting rid of a symptom to go back to how we were before can save a life – if you’re having a heart attack that is something to get rid of immediately…. Provided we then spend time making changes.

Almost all symptoms and health challenges, are our bodies way of asking us to STOP what we’re doing, PAY ATTENTION and make CHANGES now.

This presumes that we cannot keep doing what we have always done. I know from personal experience that this can be a massive interruption to the life we’re living, not to mention inconvenient and at times frustrating.

However, if we keep doing things the same way we will keep producing the same effects. In any and all areas of our life. If our focus in our health and wellness journey is to go back, our progress will be limited and very slow at best.

This is why they could not put humpty dumpty back together again… they should have made an omelette and some hash browns and celebrated :o)

As such, at Thrive, we do not attempt to return someone to how they were before minus a symptom or to help people go backwards. Our efforts are designed to help you reorganise your body and life so that you can move forwards with more energy, wisdom and ease.

We’re playing the longer game. We are working to teach you and your nervous system new strategies in dealing with and adapting to stress: physically, emotionally and chemically.

My simple parting advice is to focus on what you want more of. What is that you want to grab hold of that’s new? (not let go of). What new things do you want to do, think/ feel, plan into your life? Once you have gotten rid of what you don’t want, what is going to replace it? What are you doing today to build a pathway there?

Getting yourself to mentally focus here, coupled with the embodiment and nervous system strategies we teach at Thrive is a sure way to help you get TOWARDS the health and life you want.

Check out these free SRI videos that will help you do that:


To you, going towards the new,