You Connected, You Upgraded.

Have you ever felt disconnected? Like there was lots going or you weren’t sure what it meant, or what you should do? Have you ever felt a bit dry like you’re ‘all in your head’ or ‘all over the place’? Have you ever left a conversation knowing that you’re weren’t fully with the person you were with… like your presence was off?

These, and others like it, are very common signs of what I call ‘being disconnected from our bodies’. It happens to everyone and is rife in our information overloaded culture. Its part of what happens when we experience too much stress or the ‘fight/flight’ response.

To be fair, most of us were not taught how to connect to our bodies in school, or whilst growing up. And yet, this idea of being connected and embodied, I think, is more important than ever. It helps us to feel grounded, strong, confident and graceful. It helps us to show up fully as our best self.

Our culture is thankfully well equipped to help us connect cerebrally. We can use words, or learn words or experience many talking therapies to help us work out what is going on in our head – and this can be extremely powerful for people. I think it’s a wonderful sanctity of being human – the simple act of talking with another human being.

However, when it comes to connecting with ourselves, to finding parts of our body that works well…parts that have lots of energy and parts that can help us handle stress and life in general… we’re a little ill equipped.

This interests me personally and professionally, because I believe we all have an ‘innate intelligence’ or an inner wisdom that can help us.

For women – think about a time when somebody approached you to ask for ‘the time’ and you knew he/she wanted more than that… how long did it take you to figure out? Micro-seconds!.

For men – think about how long it takes us to know if someone is approaching us aggressively or kindly… again, not long at all.

This represents the survival part of our inner wisdom, and it screams loud because it helps to protect us and potential save our life.

The great thing with our body is that it does not stop there. It helps us to know how we feel, what decisions we should make, what job or relationship to go for, why we’re really here, how to forgive, love and trust… and on and on and on. All the while triumphantly self-healing, repairing and regenerating itself.

Your body is incredible. You are incredible.

Thankfully there are individuals out there who have taken the time to observe, work with and categorise body based ways that we can connect with ourselves… in minutes. I feel deeply privileged that I had the opportunity to learn from one of these people – Dr Donald Epstein, who created Somato Respiratory Integration (SRI) and Network Spinal Analysis (NSA) – the powerful tools we use here at Thrive.

To that end, we have free resources on our website where you can watch these exercises and practice them yourself – anytime, anywhere. If you’re new to Thrive start with this one.

My wish for you all is that you get to experience a deeply and profoundly embodied life – with the wisdom and insight and energy you need at your finger tips… ready to be drawn on whenever you want. You Upgraded. Your health in your hands.

Sound a bit far-fetched? I thought so too. Until I tried it and practiced it…and made it the central theme of my lifestyle. Like anything worth having, if you can make time for regular practice you can do amazing things.

To you, connected and upgraded.