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Emotional freedom

Uncategorized Apr 01, 2018

So we’re now into week 2 of our 5th birthday celebrations! The truffles are going down fast, the competition entries are piling in and the workshops are going amazingly well.  

My blogs this month, which culminate in a talk on June 25th, are going to be about the 5 Gifts of the spine – what your spine can do for you. Let’s jump in with gift 2:

How do we create emotional freedom?

What are emotions really for anyway?

And how do we harness this force to create more happiness in our life and that of those we love?

Too many of us are plagued with emotional weight. We feel and think about today things that happened to us in the past and that has a huge impact on who we are and what we feel we are capable of. It’s almost like we never got over the argument, hurt, loss, divorce, stress at school etc etc etc. Put another way, life has moved on but we have not. Our brain and nervous system is still telling us, on some level, to be vigilant about the impending stress…or the stress that just happened.

That is a massive energetic tax. In my humble opinion and clinical experience I notice that people who are ‘bound up’ emotionally, experience much lower levels of energy than their potential. Interesting studies on men with low back pain show a high correlation of ‘emotional stresses such as not feeling enough or being worried about money.

So what do we do about this and how do we experience our full emotional potential?

A couple more points first. Emotions are extremely important, because they have a huge impact on our biological function, genetics and decision making. They literally bring about instant cellular biological change - a change in life force (what we discussed last week This allows us to have a radical and instant change in behaviour. All great marketers and advertisers know this. It’s why a BMW is the “drive of your life”…

We have also all heard people say that it took me “10 years to make that decision, I wish I did it sooner”…or some such. The truth is that it took that individual 10 years to build up enough emotion to make the new behaviour a must… and we can all make this happen much, much, much quicker.

So what and how do we do this:

Every posture you adapt leads to certain emotion – try and bend right forward into a ball and feel happy…or open and extend right back and feel angry… it does not work! If you have difficulty in your life expressing an emotion (or keeping feeling ones you do not like) it is likely that you spine cannot adopt the posture it needs in order to express that emotion. SO:

  1. Decide what emotions you want to experience more of (YES you heard me right, chose your emotions)

  2. If you are a Thriver (a practice member at Thrive :o) ) practice SRI stage 2 and ask for more NSA level 2a (the one where I hold longer and you stretch / life up)

  3. Frequently put your body in the posture of the emotions you want AND

  4. Live congruently with the emotions you want:

If, like me, you want more courage and passion, breathe, move your body and feel energy the way a courageous and passionate person would.

Life’s challenges cause us to need to express a new range of emotion … and a new range of emotion is linked to an increased range of motion of the spine. This is incredibly important. If you think of everytime in your life that you’ve made a change or decided to go for a new job or a new relationship, you will have had a certain degree of emotional leverage. Emotion is the fuel of life that makes us strive and go for the things we really deserve.

So how different would your life be if you experienced different emotions?

Which ones are you going to harvest next?

I’m excited to hear about your progress!

To you harvesting the gifts in your spine!




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