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How feeling anxious calmed me down

Uncategorized Feb 08, 2018

Recently I had a strange experience. Out of literally nowhere I felt anxious. It was as if a switch had been flipped and anxiety had been turned on.

This for me is very unusual.

Knowing what I know, I decided to ‘go towards’ this feeling – to let myself feel it rather than do something that made me feel better e.g. eating sweets, drinking coffee or watching something entertaining. (welcome to my old hit list :o) ).

The way I went towards it was to:

1. Admit that I was feeling anxious rather than drive myself into being busy

2. See where in my body the epicentre of the sensation was.

3. Put my hands on that area, breathe into and verbally acknowledge “sometimes I feel anxious”. more on that technique is this video:

What really amazed me about this experience is that firstly I calmed down – A LOT. I literally went from feeling shaky, tingling hands and that horrible feeling in the pit of your stomach to feeling calm and ok with myself.

Now I like to keep a track of my heart rate -  I wear a heart rate monitor all the time…yes I am a bit geeky like that. What surprised me was that several days later when I was looking at my heart rate stats for the week, I could see that having felt anxious AND acknowledged it, my heart rate dropped. I literally had less background stress.

More interesting is that in a day or two before I even noticed I had this feeling, my average heart rate was unusually high. I felt ‘fine’, even though I was more stressed. Then when I let myself feel and acknowledge what I now think to be the background anxiety, I calmed down. When I connected with myself, I really was able feel what ‘fine’ feels like.

Its my continual personal and clinical experience that our inner and outer fears only have power of us when they are ‘in the dark’. The moment we shine the light of awareness on these things, their power over us diminishes, we get more energy and take our power back.

Hoping that you find this useful



Ps we have an SRI workshop on Thursday 16th Feb @ 7pm where I will go through this exercise and others to help you move through your background stress


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