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Uncategorized Mar 29, 2018

I don’t believe that we were born just for ourselves. I believe that we were born to find, and celebrate and share our unique talents and gifts with the world. I believe that when we are at our best we are focussing on harnessing ourselves to contribute to something beyond ourselves.

Research shows that the more insular our focus, thinking and actions – the more self-obsessed we become, the less well we are – the more depressed and anxious etc.

We observe that at Thrive through people’s posture – which is, in one way, how the external world meets our internal world.

When we don’t have enough energy, or feel like we don’t have enough energy, we collapse – either bending forwards or sideways.

When we have enough energy we are like oak trees in a storm – standing strong and upright.

When we have MORE than enough energy we are upright and heart-lifted; open regardless of the environment.

The more collapsed our posture, the more we tend to focus on us. The more that our exercise, food, meditation, yoga etc. becomes about keeping us well, or helping us get through our day. Please hear me clearly, this is an important part of healthcare. However, if our focus and behaviour does not develop past this point, or stays here for too long, I am suggesting it is problematic.

The more upright our posture the more we tend to focus on how the ‘me’ standing here can impact the world around me – my family, my career and my hobbies.

When we have enough energy and strategies in our spine and nervous system, the heart-lifted posture becomes available. This is when we exercise etc. so that we are ready to serve the world – people we do and do not know – to the best of our ability. Our focus is now on WE rather than just ME.

It is my humble opinion that we all strive to have access to this embodied heart posture so that we can become the best FOR the world and not just the best IN the world. When we do this I believe that we show up in a way that positively affects the people we interact with and even the people we don’t – literally emanating and therefore magnifying a different quality of life all together.

An easy way to start this is to ask: How can I give my gifts? What is it that only I can do? What is life asking of me?

I look forward to witnessing your answers lived.

To you being well, for you and the world,



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