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Stability vs Instability

Uncategorized Aug 11, 2018

Transcript from video-

Hi, I’m Krishan Ramyead, the founder and director of Thrive Chiropractic. In this video we are going to talk about the healing process, and this is just a little overview because the human mind thinks that most progress should happen linearly (meaning from here is a straight point up to here). The fact is that when you are dealing with something biological like the human body, and even when you are in business or in a relationship or in a health or social or hobby pursuit where you are trying to grow and make progress, progress very rarely happens in a straight line from one point to the other. 

So what I want to talk about here is a couple of forces, and couple of the things at play that are really controlling this, because when you understand this simple idea it will help you have a lot more self compassion, an understanding of what’s going on, it will help you predict what’s about to happen in your health and your life a little bit more and it will help you navigate the situations a bit more effectively when they arrive. 

So the two simple principles, and I am talking specifically about health and healing now but they can be applied to other areas of your life also, are instability and stability. So for the most time we like to live with stability, we like things to be comfortable, we like to feel grounded, safe, secure, knowing all the boundaries, knowing where everything is, having everything handled. Like knowing how things work, knowing how to execute things, knowing how our body is working, being well rested, feeling we can take on problems as they come our way. Just stable, like ‘we got this!’, things are handled, we know the boundaries, we know the factors at play, we got it handled. 

And then if you have lived long enough you will notice that lasts for a period of time, and in some cases its weeks, months, years and sometimes it’s a few days. There is a different rhythm for all of us and sometimes there is a different rhythm individually at different times in our life. So in our twenties it might be different to our thirties, forties, fifties, sixties for example. 

The second force is instability. Thank mother nature because if we were stable and we remain stable with all the boundaries and that feeling that we can handle things for too long we would be bored out of our minds and we would never make any progress. So that feeling that the human spirit cherishes, joy, of accomplishment, of being able to stretch ourselves and achieve more and become more would be absolutely stifled. So instability comes along, and instability means things get unstable, things get unknown, there are new things that happen, there are new variables. So in your health there may be a sudden ache or a new pain or a new symptom, or when things were working really well in your business now there is a new challenge which you couldn’t have predicted, in your relationship or in your family dynamics or in your social (circles) the same things. So instability comes along and the idea of instability is it’s designed to shake everything up, it’s designed to create a bit of chaos. The idea being, so if we are plodding along stable and instability happens, we reorganise ourselves and we now create stability at a higher level of organisation. Meaning we can now take on more, we know more, we can handle more with our physical health, our emotional health, our mental and spiritual health, our career, our social life, our hobbies, our practises, whatever it is we are engaged with. So that’s the idea. The idea is that we should be moving from stability to instability and then back to stability again.  So these are the 2 forces that are really at play. And when you know what they are you can in a sense start to predict for them. So if you have been stable and comfortable and well known for a long time and you know the boundaries and you feel like you have got things handled, you are probably due some instability. Likewise if things are really chaotic and feel like they are always all over the place or they have been all over the place for too long, it’s time for some more stability. 

 The work we do here in our practise, and our suggestion to you is, to really make instability full of progress. If you can experience it with enough energy, if you can experience it and really embrace it, really take it on and really welcome it and really go towards it rather than be afraid of it, stressed by it, that’s when progress happens. That’s when you can literally take that instability, run with it, feel it, sense what it’s doing and what it’s trying to tell you and then reorganise your habits, your life, your way of thinking and being at a higher level. So instability adds stability. 

Another little interesting thing here, and this is just my anecdotal observation and that of a few thousand practitioners who work the way that we do around the world, is that we are starting to notice that if people are having chronic health conditions so a condition that has been there for 5,10,15,20 years, a long period of time seemingly unchanging, then there is often the suggestion that they have been too stable for too long. And when people suddenly have an acute or something that comes out of nowhere like they are fine, fine, fine then bang! something happens in their health like sudden onset back pain or neck pain or something of that nature that seems to come almost out of nowhere, that’s probably when people are having too much instability and not enough stability. 

  So I hope you can play with that idea and take a moment to really look at your own life, to think am I going through a period of stability right now or am I experiencing instability, because then we know what we need to do. If we are stable and we have been stable for a long time it is probably time to get ready for some change. If we have been feeling chaotic and all over then place then it is time to think ‘how do i strategize?’ ‘how do I reorganise myself?’, ‘what needs to change to get more stability but at a higher level of function?’. When people get stressed and that happens what they tend to do is make their lives smaller, so ‘I’m ok if I do x,y,z’, ‘I can’t do that’, ‘I can’t eat that’, ‘I can’t move this way’, ‘I can’t see a certain person’. That’s not what we are after. What we are after is ‘I feel this instability, I’ve grown from it, I’ve felt it in my body, I’ve come up with some kind of strategy, I’ve reorganised myself and now I can handle more’. 

Stability and instability.  These two are dancing back and forwards. So when people are healing they often feel like they are going backwards, it might just be that you are feeling some instability, and now is the time to reorganise at a higher level. 

Any comments or questions ask me when you see me in practise and if there is something you want to know more about likewise always ask me. 




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