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When is pain a pain and when is pain a pattern?

Uncategorized Mar 25, 2018

Ok this title is a mouthful.

Pain is a simple feedback tool that means STOP, PAY ATTENTION and CHANGE. A bit like when we place our hand on something too hot… ow… look at hand… move it very quickly…

Sometimes we get aches and pains as a regular and normal part of life. If we sleep on our arm, or workout or do something unusually taxing with our body. It can get sore and heal, usually quite quickly (hours to days).

When we keep getting the same ache or pain over a matter of months or years, there is typically a pattern at play. We are doing something with our nervous system, our body and our life that does not work the way we’d like. When this happens, we need to stop what we’re doing, pay attention and decide what needs to be changed.

It might be the ache in our neck that comes and goes for no reason, or the niggling back pain that we never seem to fully resolve. You get the idea, it’s that ache or niggle that seems to recur in the same place…and we can’t seem to find a good reason for why.

This is our bodies call for us to pay attention to it’s signals and to get interested in what is really going on.

Now, none of us like our bodies interrupting our life as usual. It can be really annoying and bothersome to say the least. However, to experience the heights of well-being that are possible to us we must be open to the idea that there is a way to live our life, that we have not thought of, that may work a whole lot better for us and those around us.

To this end, the first port of call when working with yourself or improving your well-being is to connect with your body and discover what does and what does not work for you. We need to recognise that our body does not make mistakes (unless you’re in the very rare minority with a genetic condition). As such our body is always working with us and for us, towards our best health – and sometimes it does not feel like this at all, especially when we are heavily interrupted.

I’ve noticed that our bodies tend to use escalating levels of interruptions: first feathers, then bricks and then trucks (thanks to my friend Dr Dave Hill for teaching me that one :o) and for being there to help me pick up the pieces after some bricks… )

If you have not already, I’d like to offer you these free exercises to help you connect with yourself and to check in to discover what is working and what may need your attention.

It remains my personal and clinical experience (approx.. 50,000 patient visits to date) that heeding what our body is trying to tell us improves our wellbeing and sometimes in ways that we can not imagine.

To your well-being



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