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When lifestyle habits get in the way.

Uncategorized Dec 16, 2018

Transcript from a video blog-

In this short video I want to talk about a trend that we are seeing at the moment in our culture in terms of healthcare, healthcare habits, different supplements, different regimes, different exercises. All designed and advertised to help improve our health and wellbeing. 

What I have noticed, and what I want to comment on, is there are a lot of very wonderful things out there such as herbal teas; different kinds of supplements like spirulina ,chlorella; other vitamins and mineral; there are lots of different exercises you can do; there is information about how to improve your sleep; about the effect of screens on our health before and after sleep for example so not doing too much before you sleep etc.; having cold showers. All these wonderful, wonderful things, they can all improve our health massively. What I have noticed from my perspective dealing with people's spines and nervous systems, is really all of those things contribute to our physical health, our ability to regulate ourselves, ultimately our ability to survive. So they are all designed to help us survive, to help our bodies self-regulate  , to help our body repair and function with enough energy. 

What I have noticed, the trend is at the minute, or there can be a trend to put a lot of focus and attention on these things, so we are starting to use our mind and our emotional resources to deal with survival. Meaning you might go to meet a friend, or you might be that friend sometimes, and someone says 'how are you doing?', and the bulk of the conversation, the bulk of the focus is all about these different healthcare trends you're involved in. As opposed to having those things in place, so that they support your health and wellbeing, so that when you are with friends, when you are at work or involved in your carer or with your family and loved ones, the focus can be something else. The focus could be 'how am I adding value', 'how am I optimising things', 'how can I be more courageous', 'how can I have more loved here', 'what emotion would support me growing or improving, or feeling more joy', for example. 

So what I am noticing is, a lot of our mental and emotional resourcefulness, the energy we have for different parts of us, is being focused towards our survival. So our survival is getting a huge amount of attention, and as a result people aren't necessarily having the quality of life or improvements they could have, because they could be using that mental and emotional energy for many, many, many, many, many other things. 

So my advice is, now I should say pretty clearly, and if you know me pretty well and have seen the kitchen here at our practise you will see every kind of organic herbal tea in existence; when I have coffee I optimise it with oil and clarified butter and things of that nature; I exercise regularly; I make sure I get plenty of sleep and plenty of water; if you see me in the practise you will often see me have a green smoothie. So I use all of those things, but I try and do with them is make them habits. So I don't have to think about it, I don’t have to invest any more energy into my survival, my survival is handled. So now I can use my mind, my emotions, my other faculties to contribute more, to add more value, to be more present with the people I'm with. 

So my advice is, get the things that are really going to handle your survival habitualised. But all means play with it, tweak it, optimise it, as you go, I think that is wonderful. But the key is, have it so that it doesn’t need any more time, effort or energy thinking about it; so that you can know you have it handled; so you can then get on and use the energy they give you, and the energy in life and your emotions to go and add value to your life or go and live your life with more joy and more quality somewhere else.

As ever I really hope you have enjoyed this. I really welcome your comments and feedback, please feel free to please email me at the practise, I would love to hear from you. 


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