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When will my pain go away?

Uncategorized Apr 01, 2018

Pain is a universal experience.  

It does not matter who you are, where you’re from or what you do…. It is fairly safe to assume that you will experience pain at some point in your life.

Your relationship to pain however can massively shift the quality and direction of your life.

Let’s be clear, pain is and can be horrible – having had 2 disc herniation, 10 fractured bones and a growth in my neck, I’m no stranger to pain!

Our culture at large assumes that pain is a problem to be stopped, fixed or gotten rid of. It is an unwanted disruption to our life.

For clarity I see pain as a sensation, circumstance or situation to which we associate discomfort.

At Thrive and other centres around the world, we take a revolutionary view of pain. We see pain as feedback, a wake up call meaning: STOP, PAY ATTENTION and make a CHANGE. Simply put we do not separate the life someone is living from the pain they are experiencing.

In other words pain comes along as a necessary and helpful interruption to our life. It tells us “hey don’t keep doing what you’re doing, it’s not working”. Too often, however, the people around us and even people we consult try to help us by getting rid of the pain before we have gained any wisdom from the experience.

Pain is just telling us that we have kept things the same for far too long or that we are undergoing change at a rate that we can not handle. In either case we do not have enough energy to either make change or to handle the changes that are happening.

The irony, simplicity and beauty is that our nervous system binds the energy we need for change within and around the pain. Using NSA and SRI we want to help the individual go towards the painful sensation, situation or circumstance to extract both the energy and wisdom from it. If all we do is try to get rid of the pain then we are literally pulling out the rug from underneath us. In my experience the pain tends to come back and we don’t make progress.

So the next time you’re in pain with a sensation in your body, a situation or circumstance in your life, recognise that it is trying to get your attention. See that it’s job is to interrupt your life as usual so that you pay attention and make changes. And then when you make those changes you get to enjoy a newly organised and greater quality of life.

To your pain as a means towards progress,




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