FREE 'Re-Thinking Health' Event - Thursday 14th November 2019 - 7pm


The best way to understand what we do and how we can help is to attend our Rethinking Health talk. It's a short, but hopefully insightful look into why things you may have tried before haven't worked. Even if you never become a 'thriver', the talk is designed to empower people who may be 'stuck' with a condition or problem. 

What if locked within YOU is the secret of your body’s ability to heal itself?

What if you could be taught how to unlock this potential?

What if once unlocked, you could live a life without limits?

Thanks to the ever-expanding field of mind-body research we now know that our spine and nervous system is the axis for all that happens in our lives. Vital functions of the body, emotions, behaviour, how we connect with others and our very consciousness that make us US are all managed by our central nervous system.

Therefore unlocking your spine can impact your health, happiness and wellbeing. In this FREE Welcome Workshop, one of Britain’s’ leading practitioners in this field, Krishan Ramyead, Doctor of Chiropractic, will reveal the secret of how you may unlock and utilise this knowledge to live a life without limits.

You will learn:

Learn what pain and symptoms mean.

Create lasting change within yourself.

Uncover and put to use your most powerful inner resources.

Awaken to the powerful driving force within.

You will be entitled to a COMPLIMENTARY health, lifestyle and stress
consultation with Krishan which you can book on the night.
(worth £60)

Places are limited so book your place(s) by signing up below OR call 01202 280816

(The talk is held in our practice: Thrive, 2 Clarendon Road, Bournemouth, BH4 8AH).