NSA needs to be seen to be understood

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Attend our
'Re-thinking Health' event.

You probably have a lot of questions - what is this NSA thing? Who is Krishan? Does this actually work? What is it?

We've found, the easiest way to explain NSA and all of the above is for those who are interested to come and listen to our "Re-thinking Health' talk where Krishan explains everything in a fun session.

Because our work goes beyond traditional chiropractic and is difficult to explain without context, we do a live demonstration in our health talk.

We find that people who want more energy, want to handle stress better and have a greater quality of life do really well with us once they have seen and felt how NSA and Krishan work.

Once you have attended the Re-thinking Health talk, you will be entitled to a free consultation.

The process from there is simple:


Step 1: Tell us about YOU

We’ll ask some unique questions and find out what is going on. We’ll also help you to know how you’re holding stress and how it may be affecting you.


Step 2: A detailed and personalised report

We’ll tell you what we found, what it means and we’ll let you know if we can help you.

If we can help you we’ll make recommendations for frequency of visits and care plan.


Step 3: START

We work with you to help your spine and nervous system connect and upgrade it’s ability to heal.