Our First Meeting

When you arrive you will be welcomed by one of our members of staff and asked to complete a detailed questionnaire designed to create a picture of your overall physical and mental wellbeing, including past experiences.

Our principal NSA Chiropractor, Dr Krishan Ramyead, will then carry out a private consultation and examination. This will include a physical examination that may require you to wear a gown so that we can thoroughly access your spine and physiology. However, every effort will be made to help you remain as clothed as possible.

Using Dr Krishan Ramyead’s observations, bilateral scales and NASA space foundation certified technology, we will assess your physiology including your posture, where you carry stress and the condition of your skin (the colour and texture of skin can give a good indication of your physical wellbeing).

All this information will then be thoroughly compiled by Dr Krishan Ramyead so that he can produce a comprehensive and personalised Report of Findings, detailing your overall wellbeing and recommendations for care.

Please allow thirty minutes for this appointment.

Our Second Meeting

On your second visit you will receive your Report of Findings detailing the results of your examination and any appropriate recommendations.

If you wish to proceed with care that day then you can. You will also have the opportunity to discuss any financial considerations with us. Should you require longer-term care, we have cost-effective service agreements.

Please allow thirty minutes for this appointment.

Regular Visits

During your NSA sessions you will be asked to lie face down on a specifically designed bench. Dr Krishan Ramyead will then precisely and gently touch different parts of your spine, causing wave-like movements to spread across your body. Some people feel these ‘waves’ during their first NSA session, but in cases where stress and tension is overwhelming it can take a couple of sessions before you experience the sensation.

You will also learn the life tools and techniques of Somato Respiratory Integration and The Four Seasons of Wellbeing, which help you make the most out of your NSA care and teach you to heal yourself during day-to-day life.

Consistent care is typically needed to overcome established patterns of physical, emotional and mental ill health. However, eventually your nervous system ‘learns’ the strategies to heal so that when difficult situations arise, it can instinctively deal with them.

Each session lasts 15 minutes. We tailor our care to your needs and discuss how you’re getting on regularly to best meet your expectations.

Please Note

We do our best to run on time, but given the organic nature of what we do and circumstances outside of our control there may occasionally be a short wait. Parking is available both on site at the side and rear of the building as well as nearby street parking. All parking is free for at least one hour.

Thrive Chiropractic fees

We strive to remain competitively price and have created payment packages should you need them

20 Minute Comprehensive Consultation and Examination - £60

15 Minute NSA Session - £38

15 Minute Re-Evaluation Examination (which takes place after 12 NSA sessions) - £20

90 Minute Somanto Respiratory integration Workshop - £40